On the back of this photo it says, “Eileen, Boston 1976.”

I’ve never actually been to Boston.

My family was supposed to be going to Boston on vacation, but my father didn’t know how to get there.  We got lost, drove for hours and hours and ended up somewhere else in Massachusetts where we stayed for a week, took some pictures and wrote “Boston” on the back of them.

That kind of miserable, godforsaken adventure couldn’t happen today.  But the 70’s & 80’s were a simpler time.  A time with no GPS, no childproof lids and no seatbelts.  A time when kids played outside until dark, and electrocution, accidental overdose and run-ins with child molesters were childhood rites of passage.

Strangers With Kittens –

My upcoming book


I grew up the youngest of six kids in a strict Irish-Catholic family in New Jersey. I became an aunt at age three, narrowly escaped a fiery death at age five and managed the family store at age seven.  I’ve seen some things.  I’ve done some things.  I write about it.

If I had to sum it up in one line I’d say it’s a book about loving your family even when they almost kill you with the gas grill.

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